Siblings [Dragaeran Gender Equality??]

Sun Jun 23 19:34:56 PDT 2002

The way I think is that they can have multiple children if they wanted to 
but would they want to.  I personally would not want children in times of 
poverty and famine such as in 500 years after. Or even in times of war (when 
aren't there times of war in dragaera?!)
  I just think they either can't find the time in thier long lives or they 
don't feel economisally stable. take Aerics parents, they die when he was 
very young or even tazendra's(sorry I won't go any further for those who 
haven't read the Khaavren Romances.) But I just think they are also afraid 
of sibling rivalries when the parents die, who gets the land or their 
fathes's sword...ect. I think that after putting up with your annoying 
little sister or brother for a millenia or two you might feel the need to 
smack them upside the with your morganti great weapon which may actually 
start another war.

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>Subject: Re: Siblings [Dragaeran Gender Equality??]
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>Thomas Yan <tyan at twcny.rr.com> writes:
> > frankNfi wrote:
> > >
> > > I get the impression that inheritance is gender neutral, but because
> > > Dragerians are so infertile I cannot prove it.  Every female
> > > character I can think of with a title has no male siblings mentioned
> > > or is explicitly an only child.
> >
> > Tangent: What siblings have we seen, period?  Savn has a sister in
> > _Athyra_, but no other examples, Easterner or Dragaeran, leaps
> > immediately to my mind.
>Well, Aliera had a brother once.
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