'Fantasy' Films

Rick Castello rick at 404.978.org
Thu Jun 27 14:57:41 PDT 2002

Lisa Grant Coffin said:
> the version of dune that ran as a serial on the sci-fi channel was
> inordinately better (in my humble opinion) than the movie version with
> sting et al. it is well worth watching, and is much more interesting in
> terms of maintaining the integrity of the writing than the rather campy
> flash-gordon-style movie version.
> lisa grant coffin

     Hmm... I'd have to disagree.  I just liked the "feel" of the
     Lynch version better- particularly the "old tech" that was
     everywhere.  Everything looked too new for a centuries-old
     empire in the new one, for my tastes.

     Another beef of mine about the new version- I felt that nearly
     all of the actors (there were a couple exceptions) weren't all
     that good.  Much of the time, I felt the overacting was a 7 on
     the scale where Jeremy Irons in "Dungeons and Dragons" is a 10.

     I'd agree that the miniseries was closer to the book... but the
     tradeoff wasn't worth it, in my opinion.