"Fantasy" Films

Fri Jun 28 02:36:24 PDT 2002

David Dyer-Bennet wrote:

> Andrew Bailey <andrew at networkharmoni.com.au> writes:
>> Randi128 at aol.com wrote:
>>> I have been disappointed with many of the recent releases, namely
>>> Starship Troopers. A great book could have been made into a great
>>> movie. The director and producers chose instead to adapt the book to
>>> fit their budget.
>> Ok I have to disagree with this. I found Starship Troopers to be a good
>> film not so much cause of its special effects, but more because of it
>> being an underlying resistant adaption of the book. That is one of the
>> things I enjoy about SF is the commentry upon society.
> We're getting a bit off-topic here, but I have to say that the movie
> of Starship Troopers was offensively stupid (farting superluminal
> asteroids????) *and* was grossly and intentionally disrespectful to
> the book it claimed to be based on. 
> Did I mention I have strong opinions about this?

Heinlein seems to me to have written in Starship Troopers an 
extrapolation of his experience in the US Navy in the
Pacific in WW2, all duty , inhuman enemy and being drooped into & pulled 
out of the fighting to the safety of the ships.
Verhooven seems to me to have made Starship Troopers as an extrapolation 
of his childhood in
occupied Holland, random death & strutting Nazis. I suspect he made the 
movie deliberately disrespectful in order
to belittle the ideas in the book.