Film : Dragaera Dream Casting

Dr. Kathleen Pereillo pereillo at optonline.net
Fri Jun 28 20:49:04 PDT 2002

Dale Kunz wrote:
> With all this talk of poor films of the past, and great film
> potential for the future, its got me thinking: have y'all done dream
> casting for the Dragaera books yet?
> I'll throw one out there to get the ball rolling:
> Vlad - Colin Farrel (Fed in Minority Report, check out some of his
> other roles)
> If this has been done to death previously, please ignore me and I'll
> go back to my corner :-)
> -D

Ooh, this is fun!  I've thought about "dream casting" for awhile now...
I'm glad that I'm not the only obsessed Dragaera fan!

Vlad John Cusack (too tall?)
Cawti Jennifer Connolly
Kragar Kevin Kline/Colin Firth
Daymar Hank Azaria
Baritt John Cleese/Alan Rickman
Sethra Angelica Huston/Sigourney Weaver (I wrote that before they were
suggested! GMTA!!!)
Necromancer Bebe Newirth (if only she were taller)
Aliera Charlize Theron/Peta Wilson
Morrollan Oded Fehr/Rupert Everett
Zerika Jenna Elfman/Daryl Hannah
Teldra Sandra Bullock
Noish Pa Peter Falk

Dr. Kathy Pereillo