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circadian rhyme rone at ennui.org
Tue Jan 7 23:10:25 PST 2003

Jot Powers writes:
  Reen Brust writes:
  >Noah Stacy writes:
  >>recipe for klava, has anyone actually tried it?  I've been curious,
  >>but haven't really had access to wood chips.
  >Where would I find this?  This is the first I've heard of it.
  It's in the first chapter or two of _Issola_.   Regrettably, I'm
  Away From Books (AFB) and can't provide an exact cite.

I just happen to have /Issola/ in my office.  Vlad describes the
process to Teldra on page 20 of the hardcover edition:

"You press coffee through a filter made of eggshells and wood chips
with vanilla bean, then reheat it so it almost boils, then you pass it
through a cloth to remove any oils brought out by the reheating."

"Wood chips?"

"Hickory works well, also fegra, cherrywood, and crocra.  It's the
wood, or combination of woods, that makes each version unique.  Well,
and how much vanilla you use.  Also, some people add cinnamon, but I
don't; cinnamon is just as good if you add it later. [...]"

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