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Oh, I see.  Thanks.  I was thinking someone had come up with something
clever.  Sigh.  Well, I very much doubt that anyone's tried that receipe,
since sorcery is required to make the filter.  I would suppose that
technology could be substituted successfully but I very much doubt that
anyone who happens to own the technology also has an interest.


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> Jot Powers writes:
>   Reen Brust writes:
>   >Noah Stacy writes:
>   >>recipe for klava, has anyone actually tried it?  I've been curious,
>   >>but haven't really had access to wood chips.
>   >Where would I find this?  This is the first I've heard of it.
>   It's in the first chapter or two of _Issola_.   Regrettably, I'm
>   Away From Books (AFB) and can't provide an exact cite.
> I just happen to have /Issola/ in my office.  Vlad describes the
> process to Teldra on page 20 of the hardcover edition:
> "You press coffee through a filter made of eggshells and wood chips
> with vanilla bean, then reheat it so it almost boils, then you pass it
> through a cloth to remove any oils brought out by the reheating."
> "Wood chips?"
> "Hickory works well, also fegra, cherrywood, and crocra.  It's the
> wood, or combination of woods, that makes each version unique.  Well,
> and how much vanilla you use.  Also, some people add cinnamon, but I
> don't; cinnamon is just as good if you add it later. [...]"
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