Two words about two letters etc.

Wed Jan 8 11:28:45 PST 2003


> > Although the Jeonine do think "differently" than we do, > I'd certainly 
> > surprised if they haven't explored all of the technological avenues
> > available to their discovery by this point in time.
>Hmmm...  I'm thinking: give me direct manipulation of raw
>Chaos over the latest Ray Gun any day.  What's Buck Rogers
>going to do when Vlad tosses "pure" Chaos at him?  Disolve
>into nothing, that's what!

On the other hand, if the Jeonine had thought to bring a few canisters of 
Napalm with them to the Battle at the Lesser Sea of Chaos, Vlad and friends 
would have had a much more challenging time, I think.

Besides, Aliera would be very cross is Vlad started tossing pure chaos 
around, again.

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