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Chris Olson - SunPS Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 9 12:36:50 PST 2003

Alexx Kay wrote:
> Consider Spell-sticks (as described in Orca, p. 224).  They went out of
> fashion as soon as a sorcerer discovered a way to make all of the enemy's
> spell-sticks spontaneously detonate.  It's easy to suppose that a similar
> spell could be developed for gunpowder.  (And remember that early guns in
> our own world were already likely to spontaneously blow up in the user's
> hand...)

This is a very valid point.  If gunpowder were to be used,
it is completely probable that sorcerers would simply create
a spark that would ignite the gunpowder, blowing up the
"gun holder".  This could also be why other technologies 
have either not be invented, or have been tossed aside when
sorcery overpowered or made obsolete the new invention.

And, as has been said, why would Dragaeran sorcerers research
technology that can already be performed with magic?  Seems like
it would be a waste of time, when they could use that time to
research and develop new sorceries, improving upon the old.

Just my thoughts and agreements.... :)


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