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Thu Jan 9 13:05:52 PST 2003

Hi, I think the anti-gunpowder arguments are wrong, because:

1) the level of control needed to remote-explode gunpowder would be
equivalent to that needed to explode oil lamps, burn down tents, set
horses' tails on fire, dephosphorylate specific proteins in soldiers'

2) gunpowder (or better a binary equivalent) could be assembled or mixed
at the last moment (sorcerously, say);

3) such weapons would be ideal for Teckla troops against Easterners,
_especially_ if the Tecklas knew that their battalion commander could
blow them all up with a thought.

Could go on...

Here are three more (final, still no car) points for the
naturally-techless folk:

1) During Teckla reigns (republics, we're told somewhere) non-sorcerous
science would be encouraged.

2) The China etc. analogies don't hold in my view because the Chinese
etc. never had experimental science, which _is_ present on Dragaera -
it's an aspect of sorcery (see Aliera's forensic exchange with Sethra).

3) Island science isn't a joke - the polis in Greece was island-based
or island-like, and ditto for the Italian city-state, and ditto for
pre-industrial age England.  A lot of progress comes from isolation
or scary neighbors or a maritime industry.

Just to have three theses here:

The Serioli present the same Orb-problem I assert elsewhere.
Someone-with-too-many-consonants-to-remember-his-name has the
know-how to make Pathfinder, Blackwand, Spellbreaker, assorted goodies -
how is it that the Serioli didn't ride into battle against the Empire
on Morganti tanks?

- Philip

On Thu, 9 Jan 2003, Chris Olson - SunPS wrote:

> Alexx Kay wrote:
> > Consider Spell-sticks (as described in Orca, p. 224).  They went out of
> > fashion as soon as a sorcerer discovered a way to make all of the enemy's
> > spell-sticks spontaneously detonate.  It's easy to suppose that a similar
> > spell could be developed for gunpowder.  (And remember that early guns in
> > our own world were already likely to spontaneously blow up in the user's
> > hand...)
> This is a very valid point.  If gunpowder were to be used,
> it is completely probable that sorcerers would simply create
> a spark that would ignite the gunpowder, blowing up the
> "gun holder".  This could also be why other technologies
> have either not be invented, or have been tossed aside when
> sorcery overpowered or made obsolete the new invention.
> And, as has been said, why would Dragaeran sorcerers research
> technology that can already be performed with magic?  Seems like
> it would be a waste of time, when they could use that time to
> research and develop new sorceries, improving upon the old.
> Just my thoughts and agreements.... :)
> Chris
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