Two words about two letters etc.

Mon Jan 13 07:57:46 PST 2003

On Fri, Jan 10, 2003 at 02:51:49PM -0800, Philip Hart wrote:

> The argument, which I suppose I didn't completely spell out, was that if
> you can protect your tents/horses/soldiers you can protect your gunpowder.

Well, yes and no.  A physical shock that wouldn't even bruise a horse,
etc, would set of a container of black powder quite easily.  Given that
we've not seen either long-distance magical attacks on living things
nor defenses against them, I presume that there is no known attack worth
the effort.

But setting off gunpowder remotely is probably a helluva lot easier.
Didn't Vlad start a fire once via witchcraft?  Yes, I know witchcraft
isn't the same as orb-directed sorcery -- but on the other hand,
orb-directed sorcery is a helluva lot easier than witchcraft.

Proximity must be an issue, too.  If setting fires remotely was easy,
soldiers wouldn't have tents and armies wouldn't carry fodder for

Heck, I dunno . . . we're arguing nits in a system which isn't defined
well enough to argue nits.