Two words about two letters etc.

Randi128 at aol.com Randi128 at aol.com
Tue Jan 14 07:46:02 PST 2003

on 1/9/03 at 9:31 PM Reen Brust wrote:
>I would say that only the aristocrats are_expected_to learn sorcery beyound
>the easy stuff the Orb basically does on request for anyone linked.
>I would submit that Dragaeran society as whole has such a low opinion of
>the theoretical top-end Teckla sorcerer, that most Lords don't even bother 
to check >for potential. More a case of: "You'll never be good enough to be 
worth the bother of >training you." than:  "This knowledge must be shielded 
>from you lest you become a >danger".

I concede you have an excellent point, and also that you may, or may not, 
have insider information. I have to opine that after reading your reply, I am 
inclined to believe that it is more likely a combination of the the two, than 
either one alone. Dragaeran nobility is arrogant enough to discount the 
Teckla, much to their mutual detriment, yet they are paranoid enough, to 
guard against a potential threat, however small that threat may be. 

John D. Barbato, O.D.