Two words about two letters etc.

Tue Jan 14 08:19:46 PST 2003

I've forgotten the context, but anyway two comments:

If it's a good argument, then it's a good argument, regardless
of the disputant's relationship to a Higher Authority.

The House of the Teckla is, I believe, like the Jhereg a
catch-all for castoffs.  Wouldn't disgraced (esp. male) Athyras with
a distaste for Jhereg-style capitalism end up there?  Otherwise
they would tend to end up in the Islands and rediscover Maxwell's
laws and quantum mechanics and nuclear physics...

- Philip

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003 Randi128 at aol.com wrote:

> on 1/9/03 at 9:31 PM Reen Brust wrote:
> >I would say that only the aristocrats are_expected_to learn sorcery beyound
> >the easy stuff the Orb basically does on request for anyone linked.
> >I would submit that Dragaeran society as whole has such a low opinion of
> >the theoretical top-end Teckla sorcerer, that most Lords don't even bother
> to check >for potential. More a case of: "You'll never be good enough to be
> worth the bother of >training you." than:  "This knowledge must be shielded
> from you lest you become a >danger".
> I concede you have an excellent point, and also that you may, or may not,
> have insider information. I have to opine that after reading your reply, I am
> inclined to believe that it is more likely a combination of the the two, than
> either one alone. Dragaeran nobility is arrogant enough to discount the
> Teckla, much to their mutual detriment, yet they are paranoid enough, to
> guard against a potential threat, however small that threat may be.
> John D. Barbato, O.D.