Two words about two letters etc.

Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) RuhlenR at missouri.edu
Tue Jan 14 10:07:18 PST 2003

> me to add point 4) Guns would have reappeared during the 
> interregnum if they had been developed previously.

I'm not sure that statement is believable. Just because we haven't heard
about guns, doesn't mean they didn't exist. Most of what this thread has
based its arguments on is what Vlad has told us about history as he knew
it and he was not a good history student. He says so himself.
(Paraphrase..."My father didn't like my grandfather teaching me about
Fenario, so he hired a tutor to teach me Dragaeran history, but my tutor
didn't like me and the feeling was mutual..." then somehow he indicated
that he didn't learn as much as he could have, as a result.)