Sethra and the cycle (Was RE: Phoenix and ...) no spoilers

Tue Jan 14 13:22:32 PST 2003

Philip Hart wrote:

> These were my interpretations as well.  However, I should add from Chapter
> 34 (or Vol II chapter 17) of FHYA:
> "In concentrating her powers on sending Aliera after the Orb (thinking
> that this would ensure at least one potential Emperor of the Dragon line,
> which she had thought would immediately take the throne), Sethra ..."
> So here is evidence for Sethra having the more or less opposite view.

Or, more likely, Paarfi's unreliability as a reporter, either through being
mistaken or deceived.

I doubt that anything Paarfi claims to know about Sethra's motivations can
be relied upon completely.  Then again, I doubt that Paarfi is the most
reliable source of information about anyone's motivations.  Regardless, I
enjoy reading his fabrications and speculations.  :)