advances in tech.

Tue Jan 14 15:59:13 PST 2003

>One last - I swear! - comment in this thread:
>Re the Empire not fully conquering the East, it's a well-known historical
>phenomenon that invading barbarian armies indirectly exert enormous
>pressure on distant civilizations - one tribe pushes out another etc.
>etc. and soon the Germans are knocking down the walls of Rome.  Still,
>I think the gods must be keeping the Eastern scientists down (and
>keeping the Empire from suppressing the East).   - Philip

In all these posts, nobody has suggested that everyone in dragera 
might have there efforts focused in another direction.  The 
esasterners do not have the orb, but they do have witchcraft, and 
furthermore they know of the orbs existance.  therefore they may have 
put there minds and efforts into only one direction.  they may have 
blinders on with regards to advances in science.  if you know that a 
method exists that works well, all your efforts are going to be 
biased in that direction--ex.  everyone wants the A-bomb.  A really 
good example of such single mindeness comes from attempts to develop 
a polio vacine.  Joe Saulk(sp) had the answer (live virus) but 
everyone was hell bent on going with dead virus---they refused to 
fund any other type of research, setting the discovery of a vaccine 
for 10-15 years.  Dragerans of all races may simply be blinded to 
antyhing that does not involve sorcery.