Phoenix and Cycle in PotD (spoilers for guess what)

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Tue Jan 14 20:30:42 PST 2003

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> These were my interpretations as well.  However, I should add from Chapter
> 34 (or Vol II chapter 17) of FHYA:

> I just had the most delightfully horrifying thought.  TPG and FHYA each
contained two volumes, and The Viscount of Adrilankha will presumably
comprise six volumes.  I wonder when the other 7 volumes of the Khaavren
romances will be coming out.

After all, It just wouldn't do for Paarfi to write a book in a mere 10
volumes.  It would throw off the whole balance of the History.

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your life turns into a sitcom...

It's always sudden. It often happens with a bang. Ah, I think, when that
happens to me. New writers..."
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