Phoenix and Cycle in PotD (spoilers for guess what)

Tue Jan 14 20:54:41 PST 2003

Someone, I'm not sure who, wrote:

> I just had the most delightfully horrifying thought.  TPG and FHYA each
> contained two volumes, and The Viscount of Adrilankha will presumably
> comprise six volumes.  I wonder when the other 7 volumes of the Khaavren
> romances will be coming out.

<insert picture of Steven Brust going mad, trying to figure out how
 to insert an odd number of volumes into a sub-series which has always
 been done in even volumes>

On the other hand, maybe it could be done as a joint Vlad/Paarfi book,
kind of like Roshamon -- the same events told in two different styles
>from two different points of view, Vlads and Khaavrens.  Hell, you
could even do it with 1-17 being Vlad chapters and 15-28 being Paarfi.
Of course, you'd have to alternate them out of order (1, 18, 2, 19, etc)
for that to work, but it's a simple matter of programming.

I'm now going to run away and hide.