Vlad vs Paarfi

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Sat Feb 1 22:36:16 PST 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Steve Simmons wrote:

>Someone, I'm not sure who, wrote:
>> I just had the most delightfully horrifying thought.  TPG and FHYA each
>> contained two volumes, and The Viscount of Adrilankha will presumably
>> comprise six volumes.  I wonder when the other 7 volumes of the Khaavren
>> romances will be coming out.
><insert picture of Steven Brust going mad, trying to figure out how
> to insert an odd number of volumes into a sub-series which has always
> been done in even volumes>
>On the other hand, maybe it could be done as a joint Vlad/Paarfi
>book, kind of like Roshamon -- the same events told in two different
>styles from two different points of view, Vlads and Khaavrens.  Hell,
>you could even do it with 1-17 being Vlad chapters and 15-28 being
>Paarfi.  Of course, you'd have to alternate them out of order (1, 18,
>2, 19, etc)  for that to work, but it's a simple matter of

Vlad:  You know, I've always found Hawks to be one of the more
obnoxious Houses.  Even Daymar, whom I actually count as a friend, has
enraged me the most, and the most frequently, out of all of the
Dragaerans who *are* my friends.  Well, let me just say that Hawks are
seventeen times more obnoxious when they have literary pretensions.  
This utter asshole has no idea how close I came to killing him
Morganti just to be rid of his annoying, sneering attitude...

Paarfi:  We shall not pretend to state for certain whether Easterners
are uniformly vile, given that in the histories which we have had the
honor to relate at least some have been shown to be honorable,
intelligent, and/or helpful.  Nor shall we pretend that all members of
House Jhereg are unspeakably loathsome, given that not all members of
that House are in turn members of that foul Organization which carries
out the despicable actions and crimes for which they are so famous.
Yet when an Easterner is a member of House Jhereg, and is indeed
specifically a member of that selfsame Organization, one can be nearly
certain that this individual is utterly vile, loathsome, invidious,
foul, and despicable...