Two words about two letters etc. (small PotD Spoiler)

Tue Jan 14 22:49:44 PST 2003

On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, David Silberstein wrote:

> On Tue, 14 Jan 2003, Andrew Lias wrote:
> >
> >  Since the Dragons are the only ones I can see developing explosives
> >technology in the first place, that would also explain why none of
> >the other castes have utilized them.
> >
> Well, the Vallista (engineering and mining) might find them useful.
> If Dragaerans know how to refine petroleum (per _Issola_), they
> probably know enough about chemistry to know about explosive
> substances.  Even if they don't have gunpowder, they could
> theoretically make firebombs and/or napalm from petroleum products.
> I am therefore more inclined to believe that there is a generic
> sorcery for "inhibit certain uncontrolled chemical reactions", which
> renders gunpowder & other physical explosives moot in battlefield
> conditions.

See above for (possibly specious) arguments against this.

> Another thought that occurred to me, by the way, is that there may be
> certain rules and limitations on what sorts of methods may be used in
> warfare, and there is an agreement (similar to our world's various
> arms treaties on the use of chemical, biological and radioactive
> materials) or moral convention simply not to use certain types of
> weapons in warfare.

I like this argument.  On the other hand, why are rifles worse than
sorcerous thunderbolts?  And for that matter, what about Morrolan
using a Morganti weapon on everyone in his path, even if they're mostly
Teckla?  On the other hand, since `Blackwand does what he says', maybe
he doesn't destroy dozens/thousands of souls per battle.  But no one
knows for sure but him (and Verra?).

- Philip