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> >> Pipes, on the other hand, seem likely to exist.  Do
> >> Dragaerans have plumbing?  Or is there some sorcerous 
> >> solution?
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> > I believe they use sorcery to clean out the chamber pots. I 
> > don't know how they supply fresh water to their homes.
> In _Teckla_ (I think), Vlad dumps his bathwater out the 
> window, which means he doesn't have any drains.  I assume
> drains are much easier to implement than running water.

_The Phoenix Guards_ has a mention of a fountain that has
"fallen into disrepair".  That suggests piping (though sorcery 
probably could fulfill the same role).  Are there any mentions
of aqueducts?  The size of Adrilankha and Dragaera City
implies that there must be some mechanism, whether sorcerous
or mechanical, to get large quantities of water moved over 
long distances.


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