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>> >> Pipes, on the other hand, seem likely to exist.  Do
>> >> Dragaerans have plumbing?  Or is there some sorcerous 
>> >> solution?
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>> > I believe they use sorcery to clean out the chamber pots. I 
>> > don't know how they supply fresh water to their homes.
>> In _Teckla_ (I think), Vlad dumps his bathwater out the 
>> window, which means he doesn't have any drains.  I assume
>> drains are much easier to implement than running water.
>_The Phoenix Guards_ has a mention of a fountain that has
>"fallen into disrepair".  That suggests piping (though sorcery 
>probably could fulfill the same role).  Are there any mentions
>of aqueducts?  The size of Adrilankha and Dragaera City
>implies that there must be some mechanism, whether sorcerous
>or mechanical, to get large quantities of water moved over 
>long distances.

It's entirely possible Vlad just takes them for granted.  How often
would they come up?

Although a chase through the sewers......



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