couple questions... (Issola spoiler)

Mon Jan 20 17:02:43 PST 2003

On Mon, 20 Jan 2003, Michael Barr wrote:

> PG is "submitted" in year Zerika 309; FHYA in Norathar 11 and PotD is
> Norathar 179.  If we assume that there was also a 168 years between PG and
> FHYA, it follows that Zerika reigned for 456 years.  Obviously, it is not
> a number to be taken literally, but it does suggest that Zerika probably
> reigned for 400-500 years and suggests it is impossible that Vlad and
> Cawti survived to see it.

Vlad says somewhere that his crowd (I think referring to Morrolan
and Aliera) don't expect to die of old age.  It occurs to me that
if Lady Teldra can fix (muscle? nerve?) damage that maybe it/she
can repair senescence.  I hope so - lots of Vlad adventures to look
forward to...

- Philip