Paths of the Dead prelude, notes.

David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Mon Jan 20 19:23:59 PST 2003

Page 1:   Do I even need to point out that "Glorious Mountain" == Tor?
          I hope not.

Page 2:  'that august poet, Ahadam of Hoodplain has said of
          Paarfi, "He always buys the Wine. And he's a damn fine

This felt like an in-joke, but who did it refer to?  Hoodplain seems
like an obvious take on "Hatfield", but I couldn't think of anyone in
Steve's circle named Hatfield.  Looking at it from the other
direction, "Ahadam" looks like it is supposed to be "Ah, Adam" [1],
and indeed, Steve knows an Adam Stemple from his Cats Laughing days,
could Stemple mean Hatfield?  But while googling around, I discovered
this page by Adam's sister:


which states that the Stemple family grew up in _Hatfield_, MA.
"August" might be a nod to Louise August, who illustrated a book
that Adam wrote the music for (and Jane Yolen (his mom), wrote the
words for), or I might be trying too hard.

Ahadam of Hoodplain == Adam of Hatfield == Adam Stemple.


[1] If "Ah" were pronounced with a gutteral "h", it could be
the Hebrew for "brother", making "Ahadam" either "brother of Adam" or
"brother of man".  But that seems a bit far-fetched, and does Steve
even *know* Hebrew?

Page 2:  Zerran and Bolis - no idea.

Page 2:  "Orb Theatre" no doubt == "Globe Theatre", of Shakespearean

Page 2:  Valimer == Val Kilmer?  I suppose he could play Khaavren

Page 4:  Can anyone figure out how you get "Luchia of North
         Leatherleaf" from Emma Bull?  Leatherleaf sounds botanical,
         but I could not associate it with either Pansy or Violet
         (I am not sure which one is Emma and which one is Lorraine),
         and I have no idea what else might be a match.