Paths of the Dead prelude, notes.

Tue Jan 21 14:20:19 PST 2003

>Steven Brust wrote:
>I guess I must be in a "spoil their fun" mood.
>This one wasn't an inside joke.  Unless my subconscious was playing games, 
>that was nothing more than what sounded to me like an elegant kind of code. 
>  Matthew will think I'm lying again, but for the rest of you I hope this 
>answers it.


>I probably shouldn't spoil your fun, but Emma's middle name is Lucinda.

You really are no fun, huh? Just a big killjoy. *evilly grinning* Well 
then...*sigh* I suppose we all now know you aren't as wicked as you appear 
to be on this message board, huh? *laugh* I mean, you really could have had 
fun and messed with all of us for awhile... dropping little hints, making 
something *appear* to be there, and then come back and really spoil our fun 
and say... "Well, let me let you all in on a little secret.. first off, I've 
been messing with all of your minds, and secondly, here's the reality of the 
situation..."...but then again maybe you're just lying now... tee hee 
hee....no actually, probably not.

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