POTD question...

Wed Jan 22 16:15:43 PST 2003

>Warning:  These novels have been known to decrease the work
>ethic, deteriorate the social life, and make the reader completely
>unaware of what is going on around them.
>I must agree.  I'd probably get more done in life if I had never
>met with a certain book by Steven Brust.

Oh my goodness, tee hee hee, this is entirely way too accurate a 

>Then again, my life would
>not have been as interesting, so....:)

And this too... But you would have to say, you  wouldn't have nearly as much 
fun... this particular author has a way of pointing out things with the 
world in general that at times makes one sit back and think, and then after 
thinking start giggling until your head falls off... either because things 
are entirely too true and/or there's nothing you can do about them. And 
then, at other times, it's just pure fun to read and provokes no thought at 
all.  I wonder which is better?

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