Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Wed Jan 22 16:23:25 PST 2003

>LOL!  I have this image of someone in a trench coat on a dark
>street corner.... "Hey.  Psst!  Wanna Vlad book?  I can hook you
>up with Jhereg.  Got a coupla extra Orcas here...."

Chris, you are evil... some of us are *supposed* to look like we're working 
here. *big grin*

~ Holly ~ (Who acted like this street pusher to her brother that lives in 
Scotland today... "Hey, do like fantasy? No? Well I know you like good 
books, you should really read this author... no, I'm serious, I'll ship you 
out one of his books today... okay, okay, I understand you have enough to 
read, but trust me, it won't hurt you, just give it a try, come on, just 
once... ahhh, come on"... strange sick world we live in *grinning wildly*)

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