Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Wed Jan 22 16:59:36 PST 2003

On Wed, Jan 22, 2003 at 03:59:36PM -0800, Chris Olson - SunPS <Chrisf.Olson at Sun.COM> wrote:
> > >> Note to self:  Stay away from the Wheel of Time.......
> I've been told by a number of Jordan-lovers that I simply
> must read the WoT series (for a variety of reasons).

As noted previously, up through book 6 or so, it looked a hell of 
a lot like the series to beat.  Maybe not something that would 
overtake Tolkien, but a well-written and intelligently 
handled fantasy epic.

Since then, things have declined badly.

At this point, I'm not recommending the series until it's over.  
I'll keep reading it (unless I become convinced Jordan is just 
milking his fans), but it won't be worth recommending unless the 
ending makes up for the messy middle.

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