Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Wed Jan 22 16:04:06 PST 2003

On Wed, 22 Jan 2003 15:59:36 -0800 (PST), you wrote:

>> >> Note to self:  Stay away from the Wheel of Time.......
>I've been told by a number of Jordan-lovers that I simply
>must read the WoT series (for a variety of reasons).
>I've also heard, on this list and from other sources, that
>they aren't that great.  Given all this, I'm still avoiding
>WoT until a future date when I've got about a year or so to
>read.  Of course, I'm of the type not to listen to the usual
>ramble of today's readers.  I also prefer more interesting literary
>endeavors.... :)
>> OTOH, I just got two friends hooked on Steve's work.  In two weeks,
>> they've devoured the first 3 omnibuses, and are heading into the
>> Khaavren romances now.
>I feel this marks them as people of excellent character.  <grin>

They are.  As soon as they get a bit deeper into it, they'll be
signing up.

One of them, the husband, had previously read Freedom and Necessity,
and loved it, one of his favourites, but for some reason he never made
the connection to the Vlad books.  So I pestered him for a couple of
weeks, he broke down and bought Jhereg, and that was all it took.


Just your friendly neighborhood Vlad pusher......



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