Paths of the Dead advance uncorrected proof question

J A 'Dusty' Sayers dusty at sayersnet.com
Thu Jan 23 08:19:51 PST 2003


I rarely buy books in hardback, even from my favourite authors,  but I
recently found a compromise for Paths of the Dead, namely an advance
uncorrected proof of the book available on e-bay.  It was a little cheaper
than a real hardback, and I figured it might be collectable, or at least
interesting.  I also plan to buy the final copy when it's in paperback.
However, until then, I have a question.

Has anyone here seen both the advance uncorrected proof and the most recent
printing of the book?  I'm interesting in learning if there are any
significant differences between the two texts.  Just flipping through, I saw
that the Afterword and the About the Author were not included (although
blank pages with the appropriate headers were), and I wondered if there was
anything else missing from this version.


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