slightly OT MNDungeon related

Corwin Brust corwin at mpls.cx
Wed Jan 22 10:09:17 PST 2003

J.Jasper wrote:

 >Corwin Brust wrote:
 >>Actauly, IIRC, Dad finished his first Dungeon round about '84, that
 >>being about the time Martin Schafer stopped running his.
 >So, I'm curious.  Are either you or your father still gaming?

I can't speak for steve, but in as much as I evey have been, I yet do,

 >If so,what do either of you think of D&D third edition?  It strikes me
 >as more suitable to the Dragaeran world.  Has anyone written up a set
 >of D20 rules?

I really would'nt have any idea about that, I really go in (mostly, if
not only) for games which stire to answer this question:  "Is there more
to like  than killing things and taking their stuff?"  After fifteen (or
so) years of careful study, I have formed the following hypothysis:
  "Going up in rank, so you can do it better", which seems to beg the