Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Randi128 at aol.com Randi128 at aol.com
Thu Jan 23 16:30:18 PST 2003

zizban at adelphia.net wrote:
>I got through tthe first book because my boss at work gushed about it. 
>The ending was worth it. My, how the characters have changed since then.

I think this is about the tenth time we've all weighed in on these books. For 
my part I agree with you, the first book ,and maybe second book, was 
interesting and worth the read. The books get much more boring and long 
winded as he goes on. I have'nt read the latest and have no intention of 
doing so. I believe that he is writing 'filler' in order to stretch them out. 
Money; or arrogance in his own self-indulgent writing? Maybe his intentions 
are noble, but intentions can't and don't save these books from being the 
'snooze' of the century.

John D. Barbato, OD.