Avoiding Jordan (Was: Re: POTD question...)

Thu Jan 23 17:11:00 PST 2003

On Thu, Jan 23, 2003 at 06:06:19PM -0600, "Davis, Iain E." <feaelin at kemenel.org> wrote:
> This is interesting, since I never made it past the first book.  I made
> the attempt because a coworker really enjoyed the books (however many
> were out then...this was 8 years ago).  I didn't like _any_ of the
> characters, which was a big part of the problem...I thought the main
> character was annoyingly inept/stupid, and the rest seemed annoying in a
> variety of other ways (arrogant, etc.).  I gave up about half way
> through. :)

Of *course* the main character starts out annoyingly inept and 
stupid.  That's what allows him to *develop* into something much 
more... well... interesting.  Similar things happen to some of 
the other characters.

Suffice it to say, yes, some of the character traits grate if you 
don't stick with it long enough to start to understand the 
underlying story.  (Some of them continue to grate to this day, 
though, and you just have to grit your teeth and bear it).

To really give the series a fair shake you need to read to the 
end of the second book, at which point you'll have a much better 
idea where things are going and whether you'll like the journey.
The first book has some issues.

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