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Thu Jan 23 16:37:13 PST 2003

> More seriously, I think I was arguing for Serioli tech here, and asserting
> that the know-how to build Spellbreaker, Blackwand, Pathfinder, etc. etc.
> would make the Serioli serious adversaries of the pre-interregnum Empire,
> esp. given the arms-race condition of the confrontation, and likely to
> undergo an industrial-revolution-type information explosion.  I don't see
> the (user-controlled?) soul-destroying nature of the weapons being
> relevant to my argument given the military value of their other features.
> OTOH perhaps trellanstone is needed for Great Weapon production, or
> there's a Tolkienesque only-so-and-so could build the Silmarils.

I think that one has to posit a limit on Great Weapon manufacturing
capability, if only because the Empire *did* beat the Serioli.  Plus
the allegation that there are only 17 of the things.  What form that 
limit takes, I couldn't say.  I agree that possessing large quantities 
of them would have given the Serioli a hard-to-beat edge.

I brought up the point of "unwilling to use soul-destroying weapons"
because there's no particular evidence that basic Morganti weaponry 
can't be mass-produced.  But such weaponry is clearly not 
"user-controlled" in regards to destroying souls.  [At least in
non-Serioli hands -- it just now occurs to me that they might be
able to control them better...]

> But if one wants to argue within Brust's framework here for why the
> Serioli got wiped out, I think one would have to suspect the gods
> (or the Cycle) played a leading role in the "cleansing".

Well, according to Sethra, the Serioli themselves blame the gods.
Given the lack of any denial, I'd rank that higher than a suspicion.


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