Favorite quote

Thu Jan 23 17:27:22 PST 2003

At 01:08 PM 1/23/2003 -0600, Ruhlen, Rachel 
Louise (UMC-Student) wrote:

>Conversation starter: What's your favorite quote

>from a Brust book?

>From the only book I can't immediately lay my
hands on: Sethra says something to Tazendra to
the effect that she had never met a Dzur wizard
over a certain age (which Tazendra had reached)
who was unintelligent. This is from one of my
favourite scenes and I love it because it says so
much about both women.Not only does Sethra's
insight make clear what we should have realised
before -- that Tazendra is not as stupid as she
pretends (in the Paarfian sense) -- but it shows
a degree of kindness one might not have expected
>from one so old............and dead.


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