Favorite NON-fiction

Fri Jan 24 09:57:51 PST 2003

More lists... goodie goodie joy, just what this message board needed...but 
I'm bored at work, so I might as well partake... hehehe :P

Right now:

"Theodore Rex" -- definite favorite right this minute

"Consciousness Explained"

Of all time maybe:

"Thucydides: History of the Peloponnesian War" -- debatable though, whether 
this is non-fiction or not

Maybe... "Dillinger: The untold story" (SO is a Purvis with direct relation 
to Melvin Purvis so I'm sort of partial to this one)

"Synchronicity" ? by Jung -- also probably debatable if it's fiction or 

To whoever posed this question: good thinking, this is a much more difficult 
question than "what other authors do you like." This requires much more 
contemplation...and I enjoy thinking of things beside work while I'm at 
work, makes the day go by much faster... I will be thinking on this more as 
the day passes, now I can stop thiking about how dreadful this job can be. 
:) Thanks. :)


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