other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

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> I fear I may be committing sacrilege, or at least making 
> myself a target, but I don't actually like Zelazny, whom 
> everyone here seems to worship. Will I be excommunicated from 
> the list for saying that? Rachel
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> Curious, what do you not like?  It's my impression that he 
> had a style that I absolutely adore and another style that I 
> find difficult to read, but pushed through because of my love 
> for the former. I was always glad that I did, but _Lord of 
> Light_ and _Jack of Shadows_ could easily have been written 
> by different authors.

I've only tried the Amber Chronicles. I just couldn't get into the
story. It was depressing. Maybe Iain (husband) can give more insight. He
encouraged me to try them, but acknowledged that he didn't think they
were "my thing", whatever that means.
(Note: I don't like depressing books. They may be necessary, but I go
out of my way to avoid them, including _Teckla_!)