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On Fri, Jan 24, 2003 at 12:49:04PM -0600, Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) wrote:
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> > I fear I may be committing sacrilege, or at least making 
> > myself a target, but I don't actually like Zelazny, whom 
> > everyone here seems to worship. Will I be excommunicated from 
> > the list for saying that? Rachel
> > 
[Rosemary Ighel writes]
> > Curious, what do you not like?  It's my impression that he 
> > had a style that I absolutely adore and another style that I 
> > find difficult to read, but pushed through because of my love 
> > for the former. I was always glad that I did, but _Lord of 
> > Light_ and _Jack of Shadows_ could easily have been written 
> > by different authors.
> > 
> I've only tried the Amber Chronicles. I just couldn't get into the
> story. It was depressing. Maybe Iain (husband) can give more insight. He
> encouraged me to try them, but acknowledged that he didn't think they
> were "my thing", whatever that means.

In my opinion, Zelazny's real strength was as a short-story
writer.  All the moments that make me stop in astonishment,
that really bowl me over, are from his short stories.  I enjoyed
the first set of Amber books and have read them several times;
I also love some of his other novels.  But I think it's the
short stuff where he's at the very top of his form.  I think
Steven is a better novelist than Zelazny, actually.

> (Note: I don't like depressing books. They may be necessary, but I go
> out of my way to avoid them, including _Teckla_!)

TECKLA's one of my favorite Vlad novels, so perhaps I shouldn't
recommend specific Zelazny short stories to you. 8-)


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