other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

Fri Jan 24 10:58:39 PST 2003

>No, I don't think so.  Personaly, I really like Zelazny, but
>I also have to agree with my ex who said that Brust is, overall,
>the better writer (taking into account plot, diction, character
>development, style, etc.).

Really? I totally disagree. I think Zelazny is the better "writer" taking 
into account syntax, diction, grammar, word usage, illustration, sentence 
structure, etc. But, I think Brust the better "story-teller" (though Zelazny 
is good, I just don't think as good as Brust) taking into account plot, 
character development, thematic development, illusion, allegory, symbolism, 
and visualization. I think Brust also has better style and voice. Each are 
fun to read and analyze on their different merits.

ACK! Too early in the morning to be typing about this type of stuff, I'm not 
my smart-ass self because I haven't had enough coffee.

~Holly~ (who just started drinking her coffee now....better do so before it 
get's cold)

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