other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

Fri Jan 24 11:00:11 PST 2003

>I've only tried the Amber Chronicles. I just couldn't get into the
>story. It was depressing. Maybe Iain (husband) can give more insight. He
>encouraged me to try them, but acknowledged that he didn't think they
>were "my thing", whatever that means.
>(Note: I don't like depressing books. They may be necessary, but I go
>out of my way to avoid them, including _Teckla_!)

That's interesting.  In my opinion, although the Amber books are his most 
famous work, they aren't my personally favorites (although I do rather like 
the first series -- the less said about the second, the better).

If I may offer a few suggestions, should you decide to take another crack at 
him, consider reading Creatures of Light and Darkness.  I guarantee that 
it's like nothing else you've ever read (whether you'll find that a good 
thing or not, I don't know).  Likewise, you might try Roadmarks (a very 
different time travel story), or Isle of the Dead (which, IMO, was simply 

You might also see if you can dig up a collection of his short stories (I'm 
especially fond of the Unicorn Variations collection).

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