other authors? (was Re: POTD question...)

Fri Jan 24 18:03:15 PST 2003

--- "Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student)"
<RuhlenR at missouri.edu> wrote:
> I've only tried the Amber Chronicles. I just
> couldn't get into the
> story. It was depressing. Maybe Iain (husband)
> can give more insight. He
> encouraged me to try them, but acknowledged
> that he didn't think they
> were "my thing", whatever that means.
> (Note: I don't like depressing books. They may
> be necessary, but I go
> out of my way to avoid them, including
> _Teckla_!)

Now I'd agree with you about avoiding depressing
books but we must have different values of
depressing.....interesting. I've had to swear off
JG Ballard since having a massive anxiety attack
whilst reading The Kindness of Women and I've had
a similar reaction to John Brunner, but I didn't
find the Amber Chronicles depressing at all. I
didn't even find Teckla depressing, though I can
see why somebody could. 


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