Brust vs. Zelazny

Michael Schloss mschloss at comcast.net
Mon Jan 27 18:21:17 PST 2003

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From: "Ryan Grove" <ryan at wonko.com>
> Don't forget 'For a Breath I Tarry', my absolute favorite short story of
> time (followed closely by 'Come Back to the Killing Ground, Alice, My
> Love'). You're absolutely right. While I've enjoyed all of his books
> immensely, many of Zelazny's short stories outshine his longer works.

I find that the same is true with Neil Gaiman.  Gaiman masters any genre he
applies himself to, and all his books are well written, but the works of his
that I absolutely adore are all short stories.  None of his books are as
touching as Troll Bridge, as funny and sweet as Chivalry, or as creepy as
Murder Mysteries.

> As a sidenote, how ironic is it that my first post on a mailing list for
> Steven Brust fans is about Roger Zelazny?

*smiles* I don't know if it's that odd.  I don't think I've written a single
on-topic post here yet.

- Michael
patiently awaiting Gaiman's next short story collection... (okay, not so