Favorite quote

Sat Jan 25 14:54:57 PST 2003

"No matter how powerful the wizard, a knife between his shoulder blades can
seriously cramp his style."

I've abused that quote many times.

-desperately trying to catch up on his e-mails

<<Reading sigs with quotes from Vlad or others books got me thinking about
<<some of the good "one-liners". Such as, "Can I eat him now, Boss?" or
<<"Shut up, Loiosh." One of our favorites is "I've been waiting for
<<nothing else for an hour" (frequently used in daily conversation in my
<<home now). Another favorite of mine used to be "the pain of opportunity
<<and the joy of loss" (Savn's thoughts, in _Athyra_) but things changed
<<and I now hate that line. (Yes, there is a story there.)
<<Conversation starter: What's your favorite quote from a Brust book?