An unspoiled perspective on _Agyar_

Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) RuhlenR at missouri.edu
Sun Jan 26 06:51:42 PST 2003

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> >At 04:44 PM 1/25/2003 -0800, David Goldfarb wrote:
> >>not to risk damaging them.  So, he read _Agyar_ without 
> being spoiled 
> >>by the blurb.  He reports that he got about halfway through 
> the book 
> >>before the penny dropped -- he'd had clues before then, but it took 
> >>the hero taking a shotgun blast before he was sure what was 
> going on.
> >
> >Interesting.  But...I can't figure out how that dust jacket 
> blurb could
> >have given anything away that wasn't evident by about page 6.
> >
> I didn't get it until halfway through, either, but then, I went into
> knowing exactly one thing, it was a Steve Brust novel.  That's it.  

Never underestimate readers' obtuseness. (Mine included.) Maybe we get
so accustomed to being told outright, so when someone doesn't hide it,
but doesn't say it outright, we don't know what to do. If we believe
everything we read, then it follows that we do not believe something we
don't read!