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>>>> (Ok, this one's a bit long.  Sorry.  We hit on one of
>> those subjects
>>>> for which I'm an arrogant, stubborn bastard....;)
>>> Whats the maxim? "History is written by the victors."? I think that
>>> applies here.
>> (Are you referring to the topic, or to my arrogance?
>> I assure you, my arrogance is not limited to history...;)
>> shown more than one side of the story.  We need to be shown
>> that Adron was an arrogant, prideful guy, whose actions
>> brought about the worst calamity since the cataclysm that
> Interesting how many people take pride in being arrogant stubborn 
> bastards. On this list, in Dragaera, and all around me.
> I don't have a point, just making an observation. I'm sure someone 
> else can come up with a point.
> Rachel

I am one out of the three. Take your pick :-)