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circadian rhyme rone at ennui.org
Mon Jan 27 19:53:42 PST 2003

Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) writes:
  Interesting how many people take pride in being arrogant stubborn
  bastards. On this list, in Dragaera, and all around me. 
As my dad would say, "Arrogance is holding your dick with four
fingers.  Pretentiousness is pissing on three of them."

  I don't have a point, just making an observation. I'm sure someone
  else can come up with a point. 
I guess the point would be, it's OK to be arrogant, as long as you can
back it up.  Well, and as long as you don't become tiresome.  You
can't hold your dick all day, after all.

"Alan Alda's all we are."
	- Kurt Cobain