An unspoiled perspective on _Agyar_

Mon Jan 27 20:31:38 PST 2003

David Goldfarb wrote:

> I have access to the jacket copy now:
> "What if you could live for centuries, and the only price was your soul?
> Agyar is a man who has paid this price.  Born over a century ago, and once
> a frivolous young man in search of pleasure, he found instead immortality
> in a woman's blood-red lips."
> (Why am I reminded of Joss Whedon's _Angel_?)
> Anyway, that may not actually *use* the v-word, but I would say that
> it certainly makes things pretty clear.

I wouldn't agree - if only because there are several old stories where the
protagonist gains immortality at the price of the soul and vampirism is
but one of many forms (curse, black magic, selling your soul all come to
mind off the top of my head).

It didn't, FWIW, imply vampirism for me.  There were too many things
floating through and it wasn't listed as only one possibility.  Then again
I can be a literalist at times :)