An Unspoiled Perspective on _Agyar_

tyday at phantomemail.com tyday at phantomemail.com
Mon Jan 27 22:18:19 PST 2003

David Goldfarb wrote:

>>>> I have access to the jacket copy now: "What if you could live for centuries, and the only price was your soul?  Agyar is a man who has paid this price.  Born over a century ago, and once a frivolous young man in search of pleasure, he found instead immortality in a woman's blood-red lips."  (Why am I reminded of Joss Whedon's _Angel_?)
Anyway, that may not actually *use* the v-word, but I would say that it certainly makes things pretty clear.<<<<

I agree that the dust jacket gave some extra clues that could be called spoilers.  As I sometimes do, I completely ignored the dust cover when I recently discovered _Agyar_.  I did not realize that Agyar might be a v-word until I was clued in by Jill's strange illness.  As it was, I was definitely glad I skipped the dust cover for this novel.  I recommend to anyone who knows they will enjoy a book by its author, don't read the inside dust cover unless necessary.  It seems that many dust jackets give spoilers for the first few chapters of a book, which is just how they are.
-  Tyler Day

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