Concerning the origins of Piarra (fwd)

Thu Jan 30 13:39:40 PST 2003

Hey, I never noticed the initials - does Loiosh perch on Vlad's
left shoulder and Rocza on the right?

- Philip

On Thu, 30 Jan 2003, Mark A Mandel wrote:

> On Wed, 29 Jan 2003, Steven Brust wrote:
> #Oh, and the other thing is that the jhereg does not have four legs.  That's
> #the cover artist's rendition.  I think it's a great cover, but that doesn't
> #mean it's accurate.  :-)
> Yikes! That rendition -- those renditions -- have gotten pretty solidly
> into my mental imagery.
> So how DO you imagine a jhereg? I'm pretty sure I recall text about L.
> (and maybe R.) eating fastidiously with their claws, but maybe that's
> just my own imagination. If they have two legs and two wings, the most
> obvious way is like terrestrial birds, standing on one claw and using
> the other to grasp.
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