Damiano's Lute

Fri Jan 31 13:23:26 PST 2003

Ian Jamieson wrote:
>> Correct.  "Religion" shrinking refers to number of people who are
>> religious.  Since the population is increasing, and since people
>> here are coming up with whacky definitions of what "religion" means,
>> I don't see how to answer that (and it isn't a subject that intrusts
>> me).  I'm saying that the domain over which the superhuman and
>> supernatural has control tends to get smaller as man's knowledge
>> increases.
>     Sorry, been out of the list for a while but I had to reply to
> this late as it is. I think there is a certain irony implied in the
> fact that as we become a more 'advanced' society we see more and more
> people medically treating themselves with 'old world' techniques,
> i.e. acupuncture, faith healing, healing touch, herbal remedies, etc.
> Is this due to lack of faith in 'science' or 'scientific humankind'
> or a search for something larger, something that can't be seen or
> 'logiced'.

I'd file that concept under 'Human belief is one of (if not the) the most
powerful of the human forces'
That is if you believe in subjective reality - or is it if you believe my
subjective reality?