David Silberstein davids at kithrup.com
Tue Feb 4 13:50:57 PST 2003

On Tue, 17 Dec 2002, Ruhlen, Rachel Louise (UMC-Student) wrote:

>When Vlad first goes to Dzur Mountain, the servant is Chez (not sure
>on the spelling, don't have it in front of me.) Later when he goes to
>Dzur Mountain, at least in _Issola_, and I think another time as
>well, the servant is named Tukko. The description of him is similar
>regardless of his name. 

I had the notion - and I might be wrong on this - that perhaps
Sethra's servant's name has been "Tukko" this whole time, and
when Vlad heard Sethra *say* "Chaz, do X" (I forget what "X"
was, being AFB), Vlad incorrectly *inferred* that "Chaz" was
the servant's given name, and "Chaz" is in fact something else.
It might be a nickname or diminutive, it might be an endearment
(why not?  Sethra might become fond of her servants if they
serve her well for hundreds or thousands of years), or it could
be that "Chaz" was the name of a *previous* servant, and Sethra
had a memory dereference error because she was distracted by
all the things she was worrying about (getting Aliera out of that
staff, the Jenoine, etc)(heck, mothers do the same with their
own children's names with *far* less excuse.).  And later Vlad
found out what Tukko's name was for reals.

Or perhaps Vlad had a brain fart because it wasn't that important
to him at the time.